The Sette Sentieri agritourism farm in San Marzano Oliveto, offers a mix of traditional tourism and psychophysical wellbeing, proposing events and itineraries aimed at healing the body, mind, emotions and spirit, in harmony with nature, people and traditions.
Agriturismo Sette Sentieri is a farm located in San Marzano Oliveto, near Asti. It cultivates grapes, hazelnuts, fruit trees and vegetables, applying sustainable farming techniques. It offers accommodation and the possibility of various personal growth paths, such as meditation, reiki, shamanism and martial arts.

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How it began

I was born and grew up in Moncalieri in a house with a beautiful lawn, a vegetable garden and a few fruit trees.

For me, that was my whole world and my grandfather was the wise man who guided me to discover the wonders of nature, the one who passed on to me the need for space, tranquillity, a simple life, the pleasure of hand contact with the earth, all the things that have led me to where I am today.

“Don’t pull the leaves off the plants, because then the plants cry”, I remember this phrase very well as he observed me playing in the middle of the earth, and my love for nature was born that day. I soon began to think that everything was somehow alive, endowed with a spirit, that it was to be protected, to be cherished. When I was little and they asked me “what job do you want to do when you grow up?” I would answer “I want to be a grandfather” because he works the land and teaches me things.

The middle school years were difficult, after 3 years of bullying my interpersonal skills changed, I became more introverted and grumpy, but I started to get passionate about oriental disciplines such as meditation and martial arts.

Due to a health problem I had at birth, my parents never allowed me to practise martial arts, but I finally met my first master at the age of 20 and began a journey with him that led me to meet my first reiki master and to gain my much-dreamed of black belt and instructor rank.

With the death of my first dog, the need to devote time to people facing death was born in me and, thanks to my first Reiki master, I got to know an association in Turin that deals with accompanying the terminally ill and offers teachings derived from Tibetan Buddhism during the training course.

However, I decided to become a farmer during a volunteer trip to Africa in 2009, when I witnessed the agricultural reality of a local farm that had around 3,000 employees and thus the importance of creating food, jobs and protecting the environment.

A part of my heart has remained in Africa to this day and will never leave, and every time I returned to those places (Kenya, Guinea, Congo and Ethiopia) in the following years until 2015, the desire to be of help to others was reinforced in me.

Back in Italy after the first trip, I enrolled in university.

In the early years of my return to the classroom, I met a custodian of ancient Mexican traditions and in the summer of 2012 I went to Mexico to receive teachings of nahualismo, the ancient local spiritual tradition.

Back in Italy, I delved into other shamanic traditions, especially related to the natives of North America, and realised that these teachings were imbued with the same love of nature and life that had already been passed on to me by my grandfather. I could see clearly that the union of agriculture and spirituality would be my path.

After completing my agricultural studies, I found this farmstead and finally, in 2018, I moved to San Marzano Oliveto, to give concrete form to my dream: to create a place that can be a source of harmony and wellbeing for people through the creation of holistic events and to be able to pass on to new generations the same values that were given to me by my grandfather: protecting and cultivating the land, being of help to oneself and others, and producing healthy food.

There have certainly been many difficulties in these years, since I have gone from books to the land, from theory to practice, but there have also been many satisfactions, both in the small things like having fresh eggs in the morning, living by eating what the land gives you, and in the big things like achieving the first grape harvest or planting the first new fruit fields.

There were also many difficulties during the renovations because I had to divide myself between the agricultural part, the work in progress and the bureaucracy, but in the end I managed it.



Diana is the mistress of the house, beautiful and sweet, my tricoloured cat checks that everyone is doing their duty! Nothing escapes her attentive gaze, she looks after the security of the farmhouse and makes sure that no one goes near the tractors.


My great guardians of the house... they watch over everything... and guard... er... well, let's just say they are two potatoes with legs who spend their days running after the leaves as soon as the wind picks up, watching the neighbour's horses and wagging their tails a lot as they look at you with wonderful eyes.

What can you do for us?

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