We all face challenges in life, we all have the talents to overcome them, and we must hone the calm and awareness necessary to succeed. The name of the farm ‘Seven Paths’ comes from the seven parts that make up the human being, namely: spirit, matter, mind, emotions, male pole, female pole and personal power. These paths correspond to the directions of the medicine wheel of native peoples, respectively: east, west, north, south, above (sky), below (earth) and centre (human beings).

The purpose of the Seven Paths path is to bring harmony between opposites, between spirit and matter, between the mind and emotions, between the masculine and feminine, so as to return in harmony to one’s centre, one’s essence.


Guests can enjoy the relaxing peace of the Monferrato region, with its rolling hills and quiet spaces surrounded by greenery. Under the rocking chair in the shade of lime and fir trees, your gaze sweeps over the gentle slopes dotted with vines and hazelnuts, follows the horses grazing placidly in the meadows while your ears are lulled by the gentle hum of bees flying among the flowers.

Guests at the farmstead will be guided to discover the wonders of the agricultural world from the perspective of care, attention and respect for Mother Earth, touching on various activities. Together, we will discover what the words Permaculture and Perme-culture mean, learn about the sustainable farming techniques used in the fields and vegetable garden, and plan the direction for the farmstead in the future.

Meditation is a way to connect with ourselves, our body, mind and emotions, and allows us to achieve a deep friendship with ourselves.

Meditation is learning to be, learning to be in the here and now, whatever happens, without aversion, attachment or judgement.

Meditative paths are offered that derive from Minfulness, Tibetan Buddhism, the Mexican tradition and traditional Chinese and Japanese martial arts.

Thanks to my teachers, after a 16-year journey, I finally obtained my black belt rank and the title of martial arts instructor.

Various basic, intermediate and advanced courses are offered, as well as self-defence courses for women. All this requires years of practice, and is therefore more suitable for local residents than for holiday guests.

The latter are offered morning practices aimed at bodily health and well-being drawn from baguazhang kung fu, which have similar effects to yoga, qigong and taiji, or private lessons if they are already practising martial arts and would like to learn more about specific topics.

Reiki is a technique for rebalancing the energy of the human body both internally and with everything around us.

Living through Reiki means living a life in harmony with the flow of life.

Farmhouse guests can benefit from individual Reiki treatments and, if they wish, can receive harmonisation for the first Usui Reiki level.

Shamanism is a form of spirituality that is based on the use of techniques through which the practitioner comes into direct contact with the divine within and without. It is a form of personal practice that allows one to become aware of other states of consciousness, into which one enters through chanting, dancing, playing instruments such as drums and rattles, and thus allows one to safely explore one’s unconscious, making friends with oneself.

Shamanism uses different techniques, but the path is always subjective and direct. There can be no schools or diplomas in shamanism, as it is the personal relationship between the practitioner and the divine; shamanism cannot be taught, only shared.

Guests at the farmhouse can benefit from individual shamanic practices, and evenings around the fire under the starry sky will also be offered, to talk about themselves in a protected atmosphere, free from judgement, using conscious listening techniques, in an atmosphere of empathy and security, in which every man and woman can feel at home.

Through the use of suitable practices and tools, guests can be introduced to a deep relationship with themselves and other people, including their partner.

The focus of this path is the harmonious connection with what exists within us and with the people in our lives, through the use of healthy and functional dialogue, visual techniques and empathy practices.

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Le pratiche dei sette sentieri saranno svolte nelle seguenti location:


A fire space has been created with a wide view of the surrounding fields. The fire space is mainly used during shamanic practices, or in the evenings for socialising under the stars.


The yurt is the traditional dwelling of some nomadic peoples of Asia. In Mongolia, it is called by the traditional name Ger.

The Yurt of the Seven Paths is a traditional Ger that came directly from Mongolia, and is made of only the original parts of wood, cotton and felt.

It is used as a covered space for some of the farm’s holistic practices, such as some meditations and shamanic practices.


The Dojo, literally ‘the place where one follows the way’ was originally a term for the place where the Buddha attained awakening and hence Buddhist places of worship. Nowadays, it is mostly understood as the place where martial arts are practised.

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